Cabinet Lighting






  • No DIY Skills needed, NONE.  (Plug and Play, both-eyes-closed-DIY, ALMOST)

Installation cannot be any easier than this. Adapter plugs into the wall, lights get secured with built-in magnetic pads. Turn on and dim the lights using the built-in touch switch. Mounting brackets are also provided if you choose to fasten with screws. 

  • Basic DIY Skills needed. (Plug and Play, one-eye-closed-DIY)

If versatility is what you are after, look no further. Ability to do colors is in the forefront of the features for this series. A central microprocessor controller and hub connect directly to all the lights to produce just about any color. Available in 4 different sizes of lights, 4 different controller technology and several different cord sizes makes the HTP series the jack of all trades. Kits and components are available to satisfy your project. 


  • DIY Skills / Contractor (Ultimate custom solution. Roll-up-your-sleeves-for-a-couple-of-hours- but-nothing-to-be-afraid-of DIY)

The choice of savvy DIY and contractors. This is where customization sees no limits. 4 colors of light, 4 different standard sizes, several connection accessories, dimmable options are just the start. Ability to add proximity sensors, customize the light to any size from 9 to 120 inches and operating voltages of 12V or 24V, all are possibilities with this series of lights.

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