Frequently Asked Questions

Order/Shipping Questions

  • How much will shipping cost? and are proud to offer FREE SHIPPING for qualified orders over $100. 

  • Where do you ship? Do you ship outside of the United States?

    We ship to all 50 states and most international destinations.

  • Do you ship to P.O. Boxes or Military APO/FPO addresses?

    Yes, by USPS only.

  • How do I track my order?

    Immediately after your order is placed, you will receive a receipt for your order via email. When your order leaves our warehouse you will be notified via email with a tracking number.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    Regular stock items typically leave our warehouse in 1-2 business days (Monday through Friday, not including Holidays). Please allow additional 1-5 business days for transit time.

  • My order shows as delivered, but I have not received it. What should I do?

    If you have your tracking number, please contact the parcel carrier we used to ship your order. Using your tracking number, verify with the carrier when/where the package was dropped off as drivers will often leave packages with neighbors, behind fences, etc. It is more effective if contact is made by you since the driver and you can discuss what exact location at the delivery address the package has been left. If you are unsuccessful please contact so we can assist further.

  • What are the shipping charges for returning an order?

    If your order was shipped incorrectly (wrong item, missing part of your order, etc.) we will assume all associated shipping costs. If you simply want to return an item then shipping charges will vary depending on the shipping method that you select. All costs related to return an item that was not shipped with an error will be incurred by the customer. If you have any questions please contact

  • Will I have to sign for my package?

    Most carriers will need you to sign for the package if it is shipped by air services. USPS 1st Class does not need it.

  • Will you let me know if my item has shipped?

    Immediately after your order is placed you will receive a receipt for your order via email that will state your expected shipping time frame. Then when your order leaves our warehouse, you will be notified via email that your order has shipped and will receive a tracking number.

  • What carriers do you use to ship?

    Typically all of our standard ground shipping & freight shipping is done by United States Postal Serive or UPS.

  • My item was damaged in shipping, what do I do?

    We always recommend carefully inspecting your order upon arrival. If damage has occurred during shipping please contact us immediately at Be ready to provide pictures of the damaged box (important) and damaged products.

  • Why would my item be shipped using Freight?

    All standard ground carriers have limits on the size/weight of parcels they will accept. If the parcel exceeds that size/weight then we must ship the item Freight.

  • May I ship an order to an address that is different than my billing address?

    Yes, when you are on the checkout page you will be prompted to enter/select both, a billing address and a shipping address. Please note that some credit card companies will decline charges for online orders that have a different billing and shipping address.

  • Will all of my items arrive at the same time?

    Yes. 99% of the times we rather ship the order complete and in as few boxes as possible.

  • Do you offer expedited shipping options?


Cabinet Lighting Questions

  • Should I get White or Multicolor?

    If you are not intending to use the multicolor functions then staying with white simplifies the installation and offers a more accurate “warm” white light. White systems are normally less expensive as well. If you have your heart set on color contrasts an alternative option may be to keep white lights for undercabinet and add multicolor lights in the toe kick, or above cabinets if they do not reach the ceiling. You will be creating a stunning effect by having white lights on the countertop and contrasting colors above projecting on the ceiling and down low shining on the floor.

  • Do you provide installation services?

    Cyron has experts on staff that would perform the lighting installations within a 20 miles radius of our headquarters.

  • My need is not cabinet lighting. Can you help?

    Yes, you would be surprised of find out about our capabilities.

  • I have the kitchen blueprint. Can you work with that?

    Certainly! We prefer blue prints, layouts, sketches, pictures, videos. Anything that can describe the project. Describing system layout over a phone conversation normally takes too long and still leaves much to misunderstand.

  • We are doing a remodel. Is it better to contact you before the project starts or after it is finished?

    The earlier you contact our staff the easier implementation will be. Placement of outlets, controlling them, and even pre-wiring the cabinet locations are important to make a successful project.

  • What does it cost to get your consultation help?

    Normally nothing at all. Costs will incur if we must create elaborate sketches and designs.

  • I have a small kitchen. Can you do small custom projects?

    No project is too small.

  • Do custom setups cost more?

    Not necessarily. Often times custom setups can save costs by reducing installation time on the field. We can custom make lights much more efficiently than you or your contractor.

  • I have 3 sections of upper cabinets that are not connected. How do I run wires from one to another?

    You may not need to. Creating 3 zones of light that can be all controlled by a wifi or infrared signal can make all three cabinets synchronize. You will however need power at each zone.

  • Last thing I want to do is drill holes in my new cabinets. Can you help?

    Yes, we can help! All Cyron lights can also be mounted with heavy grade 2-sided tape. CLS and HTP systems include the tapes.

  • I am interested in purchasing your Cyron RGB Led under counter cabinet dimmable multicolor light kit for my kitchen. The issue I have is that I have 3 banks of cabinets, one aprox 6ft, one aprox. 8ft and one aprox 7 ft that I need to light. They are on 3 separate walls and there is really no way to run a cord to connect any of them. I have power at each wall, and all three are connected to the same wall switch. How can I install these lights and have all three sets work in unison? I don’t want to have to use 3 separate remotes. Is there a way to get 3 that are all programmed to the same remote frequency or is there another way to make this work?

    It is very possible to do this. You will need a controller and power supply for each of the 3 "zones". The controllers will be set to auto-on feature which means they will turn on automatically to the last color you left them before you turned off with your wall switch. One handheld remote can let you adjust all three controllers when you want to change colors or apply any other functions. If it is one of our IR remotes, you will have to point the remote in the general direction of the IR sensor of each controller. If you opt for the Wifi controller then you can control all by your phone or your smart speaker such as Alexa.

Warranty Requests

  • Warranty process is simple. All requests must be started by completing the form located in Support - Return page of the website. It will be done quickly and effortlessly.

    Our goal is to provide the best service possible, particularly when our product for some reason have failed you. Please let us prove to you that we can earn your trust for life.

Troubleshooting Questions

  • I have had my Cyron accent lights for several years. All of the sudden when I turn them on they rapidly flash.

    If the the power indicator light on the controller box flashed at the same rate as the lights then it is most likely the wall adapter (power supply). Auto voltage sensing electronic power supplies can be short lived if the power coming through the wall is not very stable. If need replacing, we suggest going with a higher capacity power supply to increase its life. Part numbers are as such: PS"xx"-SP"yy"D where "xx" is the power rating, and "yy" is the voltage output. As an example going from a PS12-SP12D to PS18-SP12D you are increasing capacity of the power supply 50% by going from a 12W to 18W.

  • Part of my lights are different color than others. Not everything is in sync

    If this is an existing installation and the issue is arising for no apparent reason there are several possibilities: a. Check wiring to the lights for physical damage b. If this is a ribbon light look for physical damage to the LED or circuit board c. Turn on solid colors blue, green, red, white to determine which color(s) are causing the trouble. d. Unplug all but one light and try running the system. Add lights by plugging them in one at a time to see if the problem is unique to any one light segment After you have tried the above please contact Cyron technical support at with the results of your findings so we can better assist you. Please indicate the model number of the system you own.

  • New system cannot be installed because cords are too short.

    We offer many styles of extension cords for just about any application. Please contact our sales team for best guidance.

  • Wifi system is not stable, looses connection

    The main issues with stability of wifi controllers are proximity to the signal and power loss at the controller. Items to check: 1. Is you signal ALWAYS strong in the location where the controller is. Interruption in signal even for a moment can knock off the controller from the network. 2. Make sure the controller has stable power. If it is controlled by an external on/off switch, the switch must be on when the wifi timer (if any) is set to turn on 3. Make sure other nearby RF devices do not interfere with the controller.

Contact if issue remains unresolved.