Why Choose LEDs?


    • 1. Efficiency:

      LEDs are up to 10 times more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs, saving energy bills, prolonging battery life, and offering more safety.

    • 2. Longevity:

      Their long life virtually eliminates the need for replacing them. A typical LED fixture will last 10,000 to 50,000 hours. That can be as much as 32 years in some applications.

    • 3. Less Pollutants:

      LED bulbs do not contain mercury and can be manufactured with mostly biodegradable material. Mercury contained in a single Compact Florescent Light (CFL) can contaminate up to 7,500 gallons of water.

    • 4. Safe:

      LEDs are low-voltage devices and produce minimal heat. Halogens operate at 400 degrees! The results are reduced risk of electrical shock, minimized fire hazards, lowered air conditioning usage and reduced energy consumption.

    • 5. Superior Quality of Light:

      Available in a variety of colors without using colored lenses or filters. It saves energy and cuts down on material cost. You can set the mood, decor, and even adjust the tone of white color to be easier on your eyes.

    • 6. Durable:

      Unlike bulbs, florescent, or neon lights, LEDs are shock and vibration resistant. They are ideal for automotive applications.

    • 7. Versatile:

      LEDs are very small for the amount of light they put out. In fact, an LED smaller than a coin can product over 80 lumens of light.

    • 8. Lite Weight:

      The small size and minimal weight of LEDs makes them ideal for portable lighting devices. With the proper design LEDs can also minimize structural costs of certain light fixtures.

    • 9. Solid State Technology:

      LEDs are actually semiconductors. Therefore, its functions can be controlled with a processor to achieve unique light effects that are impossible with traditional light sources.

    • 10. No UV:

      LEDs normally do not radiate UV rays. They can safely illuminate delicate artwork, paintings, textile and various other artifacts.

    • 11. Standard Fitting:

      CYRON's standard series light bulbs fit 90% of fixtures available in the market, making retrofitting an easy task.

    • 12. Warranty:

      One to five years replacement warranty!* Confidence in products, trust in the technology!

* Some restrictions apply